Youtuber file download pubg lite vs free fire -->

Youtuber file download pubg lite vs free fire


There is not much difference between free fire and pubg games. Both these popular games are considered to be one of the top games in the past. 

The game is created by Tencent Games and Krafton. While the free fire game is created by Garena. Both games are available for PC and mobile. If we talk about PC, both games run easily. And both the games have established their own status.

But still, there are all such things. There are a lot of differences between these two games. And I'll tell you the same difference today, that too with the conclusion. So friends, if you have to know the difference between pubg and free fire. 

Or do you have to know that pubg vs. free, then stay with me in this article. Pubg vs. Free Fire which is better? Let's know in detail what is the difference between pabji and free fire games.

If you want to understand all this with the help of YouTube ki. So I've given a video below. You can easily play that video. 

It's also explained in a fairly good way over there. And I hope all your doubts will be cleared too. For more information, you can also read this article in full. Without any problem, let's know pubg vs free download.

However, both these games are made for PC and mobile. But both of these games don't seem to have a big difference on the PC. 

But if we talk about Android then pubg and free fire game. Both show a very large difference. If you have a mobile phone with 2GB ram. And there is a mobile phone with 16GB ROM. So you can't easily talk about it, but you can play pabji on it.

And if you have to play the pubg game in the best way possible. So you need a mobile phone with a lot of RAM. But free fire game is one such game. Which you can easily play on a phone with less RAM and ROM. 

Hannah dudes bohat big difference. That's why if you want to play a pubg game. By spending more money, you will get a great phone Lena.

But it's not at all that pubg mobile just you can play on expensive mobile phones. Friends, tencent games have brought pubg lite game for themselves. Which you can easily play on your small Android phone easily. 

If we talk about skins, then you will get to see the bohat si tremendous skins in the pabji game. But in the free fire game, you will not get to see the tremendous skins. 

In the pabji game, you will get to see pistols, guns, shot guns, sniper guns, AR guns, vehicles skins, bikes skins, aeroplane's skins. And when you jump down the ship, you will also get to see many types of skins there.

Youtuber file download pubg lite vs free fire

But you will not see anything like that in the free fire game. You won't get to see any skin. Due to all these reasons, the pubg game is a game with such a large memory. 

Because the more things you get, the bigger rom games you get. This is a big difference in the pabzi and free fire games. If you want to know about pubg vs free, then this difference will be useful for you.

If we talk about graphics, both the games have amazing graphics. And in terms of graphics, both the games are the best. But here I would best say more pubg games.

Because if you start to play the free fire game. So you'll get to see a lot of frame drops. However, frame drops are also in PUBG. But there are not as many as there are in free fire.

But friends, that's not the case at all. You'll see frame drops. This is just the case in more rare cases. And I'm not installing free fire here. 

Overall, if we talk about graphics, both games are great in terms of graphics. But still, if you have to download pubg wallpaper or free fire photos, pubg vs free fire photo. So you can easily post all these and you will be able to download the photos in hd.

In both games, we will get to see a lot of vehicles. But if you want to see more vehicles. You'll find them all on pubg mobile. If we talk about free fire, then there will be only cars and only cars to be seen there. But in Pabji you will get to see cars, Viaz, Dacia, Buggies, Motorcycles, Ships.

Now it's not that Free Fire is such a game. I already told you that you will get the free fire in 500 mb. But you won't get pabji for less than 2GB. 

According to that, free fire is the best but if you have a big phone. So Pabji will prove to be great for you. And in the guarantee of this thing, I give you eyes closed.

Personally, if you ask me this, I'll say that to you. If you have work ram and rom wala mobile phone. So you should download and install Free Fire itself. 

Because it will run like a butter on your mobile phone. And you'll have a lot of fun playing too. And I'll give you 100% of this.

But if you have a mobile phone with more than two GB. So you should download and install the pubg. And on that mobile phone, Pabji will run smoothly. 

The benefit of which will be that you will have a lot of fun playing the pabji. And you'll kill the guy like a quick pro. Let's friends, all were the best of you.

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