youtuber file 0 Recoil sensitivity settings, Four Games like PUBG Mobile Lite -->

youtuber file 0 Recoil sensitivity settings, Four Games like PUBG Mobile Lite

youtuber file 0 Recoil sensitivity, Four Games like PUBG Mobile Lite

Online multi-player gaming is becoming quite popular in today's time. PUBG and Fortnite are the most recent examples of this. 

But at the time of travel, if you do not have a data service available or there is a problem in the connection, then you will not be able to play them. 

That's why we have brought you such great shooting games that you can enjoy without the internet. So let's take a look at the best games:

1.Pixel Gun 3D

Unite with friends, bring your clan to the top divisions and enjoy valuable rewards.

Update and customize your fort to resist the PvE siege and build a powerful tank to raid the forts of other clans.

Conquer areas, control the vast global map, collect heroism points, and get income from your lands to win wars.

Pixel Gun 3D has over 800 different weapons, and you can use all of them. Want to use medieval swords and shields or, perhaps, dark matter generators? Just do it! And don't forget about the grenades..

Would you like to be an ORC, a skeleton, a powerful Amazon or someone else? Use extra elaborate skins and outfits to show off. Or create your own in the skin editor.


2.Hero Hunters

The size of this game is 132 MB. You can also play this game easily in any low storage phone. In this game too, you will have exactly the same fun as any other Battle Royale game.

You control both to aim at your weapons and carry out activities such as jumping or taking cover. The third-person camera and gameplay is reminiscent of many games that follow the standards set by the iconic gears of the war saga.

You can switch between members of your squad in real time, while the rest of them are controlled by the game's AI. 

In this way you can support units that need assistance in using the expertise of each character: sniper melee can cover the soldier, while the drug can restore the health of the damaged units. Everything is in your hands.

Using these mechanics, you move forward in the game by completing missions and special events to improve your equipment, recruiting new members (through tried and true collectible card systems), and gaining experience to build your resistances.



CoverFire is one of the shooting games with the best graphics for now. So if graphic is one of the most important ingredients for you in gaming then it proves to be quite a good game for you. 

In the game, it gives you some different characters, from which you can enjoy the game by choosing the character according to your choice. 

Here you see a good game-play of making a good strategy and fighting enemies and escaping alive.

I would like to tell you in our review that we found in our review that the game "Cover Fire – Shooting Game" has been created by genera games company and launched in the market. This company is from Spain. Thus, the game is also from Spain.

Friends, according to the information we received, the cover fire game is a game made in Spain. It has been launched in the Play Store by genera games company.

Download of Outlaws

When you play this game, you will be reminded of a wild west and cowboy. This game revolves around a retired Baunty Hunter who changes his life after having a wife kidnap. You have to guide Hunter here under a story-line so that he can save his wife on the catch of the main villain Willy Young. Here you get the experience of real horse-reading as well as using the grab of wild west provides a good experience.

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