Motivational thoughts for you and you can use your dally life. -->

Motivational thoughts for you and you can use your dally life.

Motivational thoughts for you and you can use your dally life.

You have to wait 60 seconds.

When you're sure of your worth, what other think of won't matter to you. You won't be uncomfortable marching to the best of your own drum. When you don't feel worthy, you'll keep looking for approval & yet never be at peace. Work on accepting yourself because you're awesome.

Thing have a way of falling into place if you let them. When going thru a turbulent time. reming yourself to hold tight to hope. \as you attempt to find your way. keep believing that miracles do happen. Take each step with faith in heart. Let yourself progress. Let yourself win.

If things aren't working out the way you want, it mayn't mean they\re going wrong . It might mean universe is trying to attract your attention to a better, greater & more abundant opportunity that you keep ignoring due to disbelief in self. Maybe you're worth more than you believe.

What if future were to tell that the only reason you couldn't achieve your dreams was your fears? Nothing external to you inhibits you as such as your insecurities do. Nothing will change if you don't confront dep rooted fears. Things aren't as blead as you believe. Take a risk.

you're an amazing person. You're powerful. You are enough. Don't question yourself so much or you'll lose a lot of opportunities. Allow positive attitude to overcome you fears. Let your hpe take over negativity. Do what feels right. Let your hope take over negativity. Do what feels right. Let the heart lead. Let your light shine

Don't try to change someone who never treats you right. They won't change because they don't want to They're aware of their actions & their focus is  just on what work for them. They don't even consider impact of their actions on you. Respect yourself. Change yourself. Move away.

Your troubles won't some day, out of the blue leave you. Nor will your whining or being grumpy help. you have to trust yourself. You do have courage to face them head-on & fight them like a warrior. problems will rule you but only till you allow them to. Take charge of your life.

Do good deeds in life and don't think of a reward . A thankful smile and a grateful heart bsetow a sense of fulfilment and peace that is unparalleled by any amount of material possessions you achievend in life. That life is worthwlile which touches lives when they need you the most

Don\t fixate yourself on single way of living. It was good while it lasted. You learnt. You grew Accept that you've outgrown the ways you felt comfortable living. This turbulence in life isn't meant to cause you pain. It's a reminder to push yourself to reach for start. be open!

If life isn't progressing at the pace you want. Give yourself time out & think about what brings you alive and if it's aligned with current direction of your life. It maybe time to connect to what stirs you soul and to get rid of what\s stagnant. It maybe time for something new!

Due to some deeply painful experiences of past. You have built a strong wall of defense around you. It's meant to shut out any further suffering. Have you realized that this safety his turned into a self imposed prison for you. where you don't even allow blessing to embrace you?

Even when road t your destination isn't clear, you've to trust the direction you're taking. If things are foggy, you've to make way thru ambiguity. You can't always have complete plan in hand. Trusting intuition can be hard for logical mind yet is required for progress at times.

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