If you play pubg game and you are fond of it, then we are going to give you all the information related to pubg game here, how do you have to download pubg game, how do you update this pubg application and we will tell you in detail about all the changes in it here|

After the creation of pubg game, all the game players have become specially attached to the game and they have started to like this pubg game so much that nowadays all the mobiles have this game installed but whoever is new people do not know how to run this game| New people know about how to install this game, so we will give you complete information about the PUBG game install and its features and how many types of PUBG games come here.

Do you like PUBG Games? So we've got some important news for you. Let us tell you that PUBG New State is going to be released today on November 11 at all international levels including India. This PUBG New State game will be released for android mobile and iOS mobile will work both in place. The Battle Royale game will be available on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

If you also love this game the most then as soon as this new game comes in front of you, you can enjoy it by downloading it and installing it in your mobile, you will get to see more features in it and at the same time you will have more fun playing it than before. Everyone on the level can play this game. 

Friends, if you want to install pubg mobile lite game in your laptop or computer and enjoy this game in your laptop your computer then you have to adopt the procedure mentioned below after which you can easily play pubg mobile game in your laptop or computer

First of all you need to install the emulator to play the game in your laptop or computer that will make the Android application into a laptop or computer Men, here you have to install an application called BlueStacks in your laptop You have to open it after it is successfully installed in the computer

After the BlueStacks application has opened, you have to log in to the Play Store from your Gmail ID It will easily open the Play Store in this BlueStacks application of yours, you can install pub g mobile game from here, if it is not installed from here, then you have to follow the procedure mentioned below

Friends, if your Pub G mobile game is not being downloaded from the Play Store, then you have to open a browser in your Blue Stock application for this and after that you have to search the Pub G Mobile game there

After this, the website of Pub G Mobile Game will open in front of you, you have to install pub G Mobile game from here The Pub G mobile game will start working once it is successfully installed in your laptop or computer then you can enjoy it in your laptop or computer

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