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Damage motivational Quotes for you

Dally motivational quotes and thoughts for you 

Some people will abandon you, reject you & mock you to prove that there is something seriously wrong with you. Don't buy that. It has nothing to do with you. Don't take it personally. Don't let it take a toll on your self-esteem. It's their tactic of feeling important. Let it go.

You have to wait 55 seconds.

The more fears you have, the more is your need for love. The more self doubt you experience, the more is your need for compassion. Nobody can fill your need for compassion. They've own pains to deal with. But you don't need them. Give so much love to self that life becomes bliss.

You aren't meant to be understood by all. You're meant to create life you're be happy in. If it breaks some selfish hearts let it. If it ends some relationships let it. Those who value you should accept you the way you accept them. Else they're being selfish & aren't your problem

Listen to the opinion of others because you can't be a know it all. Learning from constructive inputs should always be welcome if respectful. Just make sure that nobody makes you feel like your thoughts & dreams are worthless. They don't have right to. Use discretion. You decide!

Darkness of your past cannot be changed nor can you escape your own contribution to it. Yet it should not be a source of your distress today. Allow yourself to accept your life and yourself completely. Visit past but be intentional about which parts you access- misery or lessons. 

Don't live to impress others. They already have opinion on you. You can't change it. Don't squander life pleasing them. They allow you around them if you live by their rules. Don't be slave. Free yourself. Accept self. Choose your dreams above them. Right ones will cheer for you.

Don't ignore the disrespect someone inflicts on you. As long as you're willing to take it, it goes from bad to worse. You have no reason to stand such behavior under any circumstances. Let them handle their wounded ego that seeks comfort in humiliating others. You deserve better.

“Whoever walks the path of struggle changes the world, he who has won the battle in the nights emerges as the sun”

“It is easy to run away in difficulties, every aspect is a test of life, the one who is afraid does not get it;

"Never be afraid to take risks in life, either you will win and even if you lose, you will learn."

"Be rich enough that you can buy any valuable thing whenever you want and be so precious that even the richest of the world can't buy you"

"When someone leaves you, let them go, and work so hard in your life and be so big that the next time they come in front of you, they don't have the right to see you."

“Unsuccessful people change their decisions because of the fear of the world and successful people change the whole world with their decisions”

"There is only one difference between a dream and a goal, a dream requires effortless sleep and a goal requires effortless sleep."

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