Quote related thought between parents and children -->

Quote related thought between parents and children

 Quote related thought between parents and children, and Motivational quotes

Hello parents, today I am going to tell you how Rabiya or parents should keep inspiring thoughts towards children.

Quotes No 1. Stop existing. Start living. Make your needs a priority because they are. You matter more than you believe. don't let anyone treat you any other way. be open to new experience even if it mean understand your dreams.

Quotes No 2. What other think is their concern. You've to prioritize focusing on what you think and worry about. The way you can force others to dreams be your responsibility? if it conflicts your dreams, think before compromising.

Quotes No 3. If you allow your arrogance to make you believe that you're superior than others, you decide that you don't want to evolve Allow yourself to practice humility, Be learner for life Stay confident but know limits.

Quotes No 4. Imagination can be a blessing & a curse if you use it to fuel your fears, you make a simple life complex. You start finding ways things can go wrong & reasons to escape doing anything that has potential for a better life. direct imagination to creative outlets for peace in life.

Quotes No 5. Don't forget that you're a beautiful soul. If someone doesn't realize that you're a gift, don't let it dim your sparkle. You're a definition of purity & kindness. Not everyone is equipped to understand that. But don't be perturbed. Stay your vibrant self and keep your vibes high.

Quotes No 6. If you're desperate for external validation, people will say what you want to hear. But only as long as they need you. Beyond that you don't exist. They manipulate you, not just because they're wrong but because you allow them to see through your insecurities. Rise in your power!

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