Quotes on reading by p n Panicker

 Quotes on reading by p n Panicker, quotes in english, about p n panicker

Quotes on reading by p n Panicker

National Reading Day: Reading Day is celebrated every year in honor of PN Panicker.
National Reading Day is celebrated every year on 19th June in honor of Late PN Panicker, who is called the father of 'Library Movement' in Kerala. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has directed all its schools to observe June 19 as Reading Day to mark the 25th Reading Day this year. In the midst of the Corona crisis, now special attention is being paid to reading through technology. , In such a situation, like online class, now Reading Day will also be celebrated online. This will be followed by Reading Week and then from June 19 to July 18 as Reading Month.

Work done for digital reading

At present, all educational institutions are closed due to the spread of coronavirus in the country. In such a situation, the help of digital platforms is being taken to continue the education of children. In this sequence, PN Panicker Foundation has worked in the direction of digital reading in collaboration with the government. For this, PN Panicker Foundation has suggested quiz, open art, essay writing and debate to the students. The foundation will also conduct quizzes for teachers, teachers and librarians.

CBSE asked to celebrate Reading Month

Not only this, the PN Panicker Foundation has also suggested some reading activities for the students. This includes readings with digital reading pledges, digital libraries and webinars on intellectual property rights. For this CBSE has also asked all the schools to celebrate Reading Day, Reading Week and Reading Month and conduct online activities and other inspirational things according to Panicker Foundation. every year

History of National Reading Day

pn Panicker was born on March 1, 1909 in Neelampur to father Govinda Pillai and mother Janaki Amma. He is known as the father of the library movement in Kerala. In 1926, Panikkar started the Sanatan Dharma Library as a teacher in his hometown. He died on 19 June. After which his death anniversary was celebrated every year as National Reading Day.

Central education started campaign

Earlier, Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' started a campaign on social media named #MyBookMyFriend on World Book Day. Its purpose was to motivate the students to read. As soon as this campaign started, many famous personalities have become a part of it and told on social media which book they are reading. Every year 23 April is celebrated as World Book Day.

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