Quote related thought between parents and children

Quotes Related thought between parents and children, motivational quotes, child motivation

child motivation thoughts:

child motivation thoughts:

Quotes  = If you over your anxieties & problems by avoiding or escaping them, they won't suddenly disappear, no the contrary you may end up festering them & that to learn from. You're strong enough if you trust yourself, you've got this!

Quotes = If there's a voice within that pushes you to welcome a change, probably it knows what your potential is. Even if it scares you. don't curb the voice, take the first step with faith, Perhaps something great will emerge, Don't overlook the direction you dreams want you to explore.

Quotes = If your used to it, that doesn't mean it is best for you, all it means is that you're reluctant to step out of your comfort zone of suffering & anxieties. When you know dep within that you are stuck at wrong pace, staying there'll do no justice to your dreams, wishes & life.

Motivational thought for child:

Motivational thought for child:

The more you allow yourself the wipe off the negative scenarios of past, from you mind, the more you let the hope & possibilities become visible. Be compassionate to yourself . Let go of guilt. It's okay to have made mistakes. It doesn't have to take away the light from tomorrows.

Quotes = Let go of what adds toxicity to yourself, Surround yourself with those whose presence gives a sense of harmony and acceptance, Life is replete with unforeseen challenges but having you tribe around you is a source of immense assurance. Hold fast to all that brings you joy.

Quotes = Instead of getting overwhelmed, Treat struggles as a way to lay new foundations for a brighter tomorrow. When you operate from a place of positivity and gratitude, you allow possibilities to emerge unexpectedly, out of nowhere Embrace your journey through crisis with optimism.

Quote related thought between parents and children:

Motivational thought for child:

Quotes = Your worth isn't what others think of you, If you seek praise to be happy, You're living for their approval. They drive you life. Your destiny is to push yourself to evolve each day. Listen to what you inner voice says. Be honest with yourself & stay confident of your choices.

Quotes = It's an honour to have you in lfe, as friends, partner lived one. If they don't value your presence, they don't deserve being around you. There\s Nothing wrong with you. You are just at a wrong Place. Allow yourself to move to a place where you aren't just valued, but Treasured.

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