20+ best motivational quotes for dally life: Motivational quotes for student with images

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Quotes No 1. Start each new phase of life with an excitement, Navigate the uncertain journey with curiosity of a child. life will keep throwing curveballs. you can't stop living, make your life an adventure & no dream will seem out of reach. Create memories that will bring smile to you face.
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Quotes No 2. When you find someone who understands you better than you do, who sees your potential where you fear failures, who lights the path for you when all you see is darkness, who reminds you of the dreams you had long forgotten, never let them leave. Such gems are a rare blessing!

Quotes No 3. Be compassionate but don't forget your assertiveness. Be nurturing but don't forget your boundaries. Be respectful but don't forget your self respect. Be kind to everyone but never leave yourself behind. You're all you've got & you're all who has your back. Nurture yourself well.

Quotes No 4. Don't rush anything. When you get something before you are ready, you can't appreciate it the way it deserves. You end up creating a mess and being a mess. Good things take time and patience. Enjoy this journey called life. When time is right, the right things will choose you.
Quotes No 5. Don't get worked up if you made a mistake yesterday. There's a reason you were given today. This is your chance to make things better, to give it another shot & to trust yourself. What's done is done. Let it make you wiser. Pull yourself out of misery and brace your awesomeness.
Quotes No 6. If you're blessed with the gift of creativity, use it to make the world beautiful for yourself & others. But don't ever use it to create scenarios in mind that dissuade you from getting closer to your dreams. Overthinking is art of turning amazing opportunities to dreadful fears.

Quotes No 7. There're times when life is hard and there's nothing you can do to control. Don't let those moments break you. Let those moments metamorphose you. Surrender but don't give up. Create a story thru storms that leaves the world awestruck. Be an inspiration the struggling souls need.

Quotes No 8. Be the support that others need but don't leave yourself behind. Be the kindness the world needs, but don't make yourself feel deprived. You can't give to others if you abandon yourself. Protect your own energy because not many people will do that for you. Your happiness matters.

Quotes No 9. When you are distressed, you escape into a different direction, assuming the things will get better themselves. They don't. When you love and accept yourself completely and wholeheartedly, you allow yourself to not just face your demons but conquer them too. You deserve the best.

Quotes No 10. Don't let the past sufferings inhibit your present. Turn your wounds of yesterday into the strength of today. Stop criticizing yourself and stop feeling inadequate. If you have spent a lot of time worrying, remind yourself, you are enough. Good things take time but they do come.

Quotes No 11. If someone is arrogant, don't get dragged into their drama, nor undermine your worth. You aren't the reason of ugliness, their own insecurities are. Nevertheless, it's a sign for you to move on. You can't heal them. You don't have to. Your own mental well being is most important.

Quotes No 12.  Sometimes when people try to belittle you, it doesn't mean that you are any less than them. The fact is that you are too powerful for their comfort. You may not see the strength you hold but it is not only visible to them but is unsettling and intimidating to them. Stay in power!

Quotes No 13. Today is a good day to be brave enough to love yourself. Let yourself forgive your mistakes. They are a thing of past. You deserve kindness & love, most of all from self. Accept your imperfect self. Take pride in your uniqueness. It makes you unique. There is no one like you.

Quotes No 14. When you doubt your dreams, you demean your self worth. When you are unsure of being deserving of blessings, you block them from reaching you. Don't sabotage something amazing due to fears. Give place to self confidence. You have lived through so much. You'll manage now as well.

Quotes No 15. From this day forward, if you accept that everything that happens to you, from missing the bus, meeting a stranger to falling ill, is happening for a reason, then you will free your mind of worry and fear. All you have to do is pay attention to the reason when it is revealed.

Quotes No 16. You weren't born to please others. If there's someone out there that you need to impress, it's you. Why wait for their opinions when you have your approval! Nobody knows you better than you do. Nobody is living your life either. Create your story your way. Believe in yourself.

Quotes No 17. Be curious. Be open. Be willing to experience new things. The world is beautiful. Live to fullest. Don't leave place for regrets. Embrace your weirdness. Flaunt your eccentricity. Allow yourself to be happy in each possible moment. It's the crazy ones that add color to the world.

Quotes No 18. Honor your past but don't hold on to it. Remember your wounds but don't let the pain enslave you. Feel your fear but don't let it control you. Embrace your present. Look out for future. Give power to your dreams. Be the hope your desires need. Allow yourself to feel deserving.

Quotes No 19.Even if things are taking time, even if the life feels dark, hold on. Hold on to that small voice within you that is full of hope. Show up for yourself. Trust the process. Trust yourself. Sometimes small steps in the right direction turn out be the biggest leap for your dreams.

Quotes No 20. Those who make you feel good about yourself, those who help you discover the real you, those who encourage you to be the best version of yourself, those who help you see your magic when you've forgotten about it; they are your people. They are the ones deserving to be around you.

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